Keep the Channel Open

Letter to the World

Agnes de Mille. Martha: The Life and Work of Martha Graham.  New York: Random House, 1991.  xviii + 509 pp. $30.  ISBN 0-394-55643-7. 

You can’t read this book without falling half in love with Agnes de Mille, who must have been one of the kindest, most forgiving biographers who ever lived. And without wondering why a . . . → Read More: Keep the Channel Open

Still Another Look at Jim Riley


It was called simply Indiana Writes. It was a literary journal founded on the radical but admirable belief that there were talented writers throughout the Hoosier State, and that it would find their work and publish it.

This was back in the 1970s, and although it appeared for only a few years, the magazine set . . . → Read More: Still Another Look at Jim Riley

Indiana Lawmakers Confirm Earth Is Flat


Indianapolis, Feb. 16 – In a stirring announcement from the state’s capital, a joint session of the Indiana legislature announced today what many Hoosiers have long believed – that the earth is flat, and the sun revolves around the earth.

“We initially hoped this would bring us up to the Middle Ages,” a Senate . . . → Read More: Indiana Lawmakers Confirm Earth Is Flat

Would the Bard Have Survived the Web?

Telephone pole used for posting neighborhood announcements.

That’s the title of a timely op-ed piece by Scott Turow and friends on today’s New York Times web page that every serious writer should read. It’s about existing copyright law – why it is important, how it relates to the web.

The thesis is simple: “Literary talent often remains undeveloped unless . . . → Read More: Would the Bard Have Survived the Web?

The Walt Whitman Award: Looking Back


Different kinds of literary awards and prizes seem to be everywhere these days, but thirty years ago it was a different story. There were only a handful of prestigious awards for poetry back then – namely, the Pulitzer, the Bollingen, the National Book Award, the Yale Younger Poets prize, the Lamont, and the Walt . . . → Read More: The Walt Whitman Award: Looking Back

Winter Recital


Music, that most bewitching of the arts, does not spring full-blown from the forehead of some imponderable god. Its consumption is everywhere, but its creation and production are more rarified.

Whether soloist or ensemble player or composer, at the beginning one learns to play one note at a time, depress one key, touch one . . . → Read More: Winter Recital

AWP Conference in Washington, DC


During the next couple of days I’ll be attending the annual conference of AWP – Associated Writing Programs – in Washington, DC, at the Marriott Wardman Park and Omni Shoreham Hotels. 

There will be a gazillion panel discussions, workshops, and readings – all quite worthy, I’m sure.  I’m scheduled to participate in a discussion . . . → Read More: AWP Conference in Washington, DC

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