Return to Paradise Valley


Poetry from Paradise Valley. Edited by Edward Byrne. San Antonio: Pecan Grove Press, 2009. 134 pp. $15. ISBN 978-1-931247-86-3. 

No, this Paradise Valley is not an old Gary Cooper movie, nor is it a retirement village in Arizona. Instead, it’s a handsome new print anthology of contemporary poetry – work selected from among poems . . . → Read More: Return to Paradise Valley

A Mississinewa Novel?


“The total effect of Carter’s narratives and lyrics is the sense . . . that underlying these two books is a kind of ‘Mississinewa novel,’ a long and continuous story to which the scraps of narrative contribute and give historical depth.”  

This possibility was introduced in Timothy J. Deines’s thesis, “The Gleaning: Regionalism, Form, . . . → Read More: A Mississinewa Novel?

Roberts School Revisited


Early in 2006 the Indianapolis School Board announced that Roberts School 97, a striking example of 1930s Art Moderne architecture, would be demolished to make way for a parking lot. Neighborhood residents and historic preservationists took strenuous exception. Five years later, after a lot of wangling, the building is still standing but also still . . . → Read More: Roberts School Revisited

It’s a Wrap

Tensor OrthoCanada

We caught up with The Wrapper shortly before midnight, after my wife had fallen on the ice while coming out of a restaurant and broken her left wrist. She knew instantly it was fractured, so there was nothing to do but head for the nearest emergency room.

It was a big hospital. We got . . . → Read More: It’s a Wrap

On the Poets of Pittsburgh

Jack Gilbert

If you’re concerned about the Steelers facing the Ravens in the playoffs this year, here’s a little non sequitur to take your mind off the perils ahead. Who is the greatest poet ever to come out of Pittsburgh?

We already know the Ravens owe a tip of the helmet to Edgar Allan Poe for . . . → Read More: On the Poets of Pittsburgh

A Dinner on New Year’s Eve


There were twenty of us, sitting down to a dinner on the last day of the year, with candles gleaming along the length of the board, the tablecloth bright with patterned ribbons and greenery, and the light reflecting off a forest of wine glasses and gleaming china and silverware.

We were old friends who . . . → Read More: A Dinner on New Year’s Eve

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